Public Transport Simulator - C 1.3.2

Transport Simulator Game – Experience the Thrill of Public Transportation

Do you like driving large buses? Want to experience the thrill of driving public transport? If yes, then this transport simulator game is ideally suited to your interests. Public Transport Simulator – C is a nice game in which you get to transport passengers from one city to the next by driving buses on various routes. It brings the complexities and excitement of managing public transportation routes to life. Your aim in this game is to take up jobs to drive coaches on broad highways as well as narrow streets of the city, carrying passengers to their desired destination. You will have to contend with traffic and changing weather conditions on your journeys. Moreover, you will also have to keep an eye on fuel consumption and look for fuel station to refill your tank.
Public Transport Simulator
Public Transport Simulator has immersive gameplay that is beautifully complemented by its amazing visuals. The attention to graphical detail, from vehicle models to environmental elements, creates a visually appealing world. This transport simulator game has vibrant colors and realistic textures that enhance immersion. Moreover, the sound design, including engine noises, ambient sounds, and passenger chatter, contributes significantly to the game's realism. You won’t have any issues playing this game thanks to its intuitive controls and well-designed user interface. The pedals for the accelerator and the brakes are located on the bottom-right corner of the screen. You will find the steering controls on the screen’s bottom-left corner. There are four steering control setups to choose from that include buttons, virtual steering wheel, slider, and tilt. The game offers multiple gearbox settings to you too.
Public Transport Simulator
This transport simulator game offers a wide array of buses for you to drive. Each bus has its own characteristics and handling capabilities. The meticulous design of each bus, both visually and functionally, contributes to the game's overall appeal. You have the option of upgrading the buses to make them more comfortable for the passengers and also to make them more fuel efficient. There are different levels of upgrades that you can do. Each upgrade costs you in-game money. Some of the upgrades need to be unlocked by making a particular upgrade first. Making these upgrades won’t just enhance the performance and security rating of the buses but it will also increase their revenue-generating capacity. A fully upgraded bus can earn you higher amount of in-game currency for each job you take.
Public Transport Simulator
Public Transport Simulator has meticulously designed maps and routes that mirror real-world locations. Whether navigating through bustling city streets, scenic countryside roads, or challenging mountainous terrains, the diversity of landscapes keeps the gameplay engaging and varied. The attention to geographical accuracy and detailed environments adds depth to the gaming experience. One of standout features of this public transport game is its commitment to realism. From the intricacies of driving various types of buses to responding to dynamic traffic conditions, the game offers a deeply immersive experience. The attention to detail in vehicle mechanics, including realistic engine sounds, responsive controls, and lifelike passenger behavior, adds a layer of authenticity to the gameplay. This game also lets you customize your buses by painting them in a color of your choice.


  • Lots of buses available to drive
  • Upgrade your buses to enhance their fuel-efficiency
  • Make your buses more safe for the passengers
  • Take up jobs for driving buses on different routes
  • Earn money for completing each job
  • Refill your fuel tank if it gets empty
  • Paint you bus in a color of your choice


Public Transport Simulator is a game for both casual players as well as driving simulation enthusiasts. It allows you to drive a diverse range of public transport coaches on a number of routes and carry passengers from one city to another. You will have a fun time driving passengers to their desired destinations in this transport simulator game.

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